Volunteer Opportunities


BAM depends on the support of our fabulous parent community to thrive. Parent involvement helps build community, engage our children, and create success for the entire school.

Whether you have a minute or an hour to spare each week, and wherever your interests, skills, or passions lie, there exists a rewarding opportunity to make a difference and a positive impact for your children and the community.

The PTA has a number of available roles for the 2024-25 school year (see below). If you’re interested in getting involved, with any of these roles or in any other way, please contact . Learn more about the PTA here.

Executive Board Openings:

Parliamentarian: The Parliamentarian will support the president in overseeing meetings and offering guidance on parliamentary protocol. You will coordinate the initial meeting of the nominating committee, offering insights into the nomination and election procedures, while making motions, participating in debates, and voting.

PTA Council Liaison: The PTA Council Liaison attends monthly Berkeley PTA Council meetings, stands as a representative for BAM at those meetings, and then provides a summary to BAM PTA. The Liaison may also alert the BAM community of opportunities, events, or ways to become involved in cross-school PTA working groups.

BAM PTA Committees:

If you are new to BAM this year or would like to try joining a committee before committing to a specific role, here is a list of current opening. These committees are open to anyone and are important to community building at our school.

Enrichment: The Enrichment Team is looking for volunteers to take over the PTA’s enrichment program for the next school year. If you are excited about Enrichment classes and interested in working with old and new vendors to provide awesome afterschool activities for our students, please email . Our current coordinators will not be able to continue next year, so we need a team of volunteers in order to continue enrichment programming.

Starry Night Auction Co-chair: Join our new chair for the 2025 event and be responsible for organizing and overseeing the annual school auction, our main spring fundraising event. Duties include managing event logistics such as selecting a venue and food and soliciting donations beginning in the fall and working closely with a committee of volunteers to organize auction items and pull off a successful in person event or online auction!

Golden Sneaker/Walk and Roll Coordinator:  Every year students, teachers, families, and staff are challenged to use active and shared transportation (walk, roll, carpool, or bus) to school. In the fall, it is a Walk and Roll day and in the spring the Golden Sneaker Contest. If you are looking for a fun way to contribute, this is for you!

Safety/Emergency Preparedness: Be a part of the committee to keep BAM organized and ready for an emergency! If you have interest in earthquake safety, structural engineering or organizing supplies and systems, this committee could be for you!

Runathon/Readathon: Join our Runathon and/or Readathon team and bring a burst of energy to these annual events. You’ll take the lead in the 2025-26 school year, organizing this exciting activity, ensuring seamless communication with teachers and families about event details. Your role will also involve tracking and following up on pledges, contributing to the success of our fundraising initiatives.

Merchandise Coordinator (BAM T-Shirts etc): Your role will involve overseeing  BAM merchandise sales from handling inventory to maintaining our merchandise website. 

Greening Team: The role of the Green Team is very much open to interpretation, and the leader of the team has a good deal of flexibility in deciding what initiatives to take on to make BAM a greener environment. Past projects and aspirations have included everything from garden-bed plantings, waste/energy audits, recycling projects and campus cleanups.

Rolling Drop Off Coordinator: Help coordinate rolling drop off next year! Create sign ups for classroom volunteers and help BAM caregivers be able to drop and go safely.

BAM Announcements: Become part of a team compiling our weekly electronic newsletter, BAM announcements, to send out to the BAM community! Newsletters are created using mailchimp each Thursday and occasional one time announcements as needed.

Thursday News: The weekly Thursday Newsletter is put together by a group of parent volunteers and the principal in an effort to help keep everyone up to date on important school information and current events. Additional volunteers are needed to help fill out the rotation. Each week, the rotating editor is responsible for compiling article submissions from various sources into a pre existing template. The work is primarily done on Tuesday evenings.

AFFINITY GROUP COMMITTEE CHAIRS: Affinity group committees help build community and provide safe spaces for families who share an identity to engage in specific topics. Chairs/co-chairs conduct outreach, plan special events, (like special Assemblies, BAM’s Black History Night Celebration, Spring Festival and playdates), that bring together the BAM community, and manage the Affinity Group budget. Currently we are looking for:

Latinx Affairs Committee Co-Chairs

Special Education Family Support Committee Co-Chairs

If you are interested in volunteering, or you have a great idea for the school please sign up here!