Call the school directly at 644-6225 and leave a message with the name of your child and date(s) of absence. Send a note to your teacher upon return. The absence mark made by the teacher should then be “excused” instead of “unverified” or “unexcused.” OR Send an email to the teacher and the office () with the date(s) and reason for the absence(s).

Any “tardy” of 30 minutes or more is recorded as “late” and becomes an absence from school. You will receive an automated phone message any time your child is tardy, late or absent.
Students who are late to school (after the bell rings) must first go to the office, sign in and get a tardy slip to take to the classroom teacher.

Go to the office first to sign your child out with the school secretary. The office will call the classroom for your child. DO NOT go directly to the classroom to pick up your child.

Always come to the office first to sign-in and receive a volunteer badge.
Let your child’s classroom teacher know ahead of time that you are interested in volunteering. Each teacher has their own policies about the how of volunteering.
BUSD Berkeley School Volunteer activities (510-644-8833)

Each teacher has a voice-mail 510-644-4500 (23+child’s room number).
Office can only leave messages for teachers.

A note about absences..

Please note that your child’s attendance is linked to school funding. Whether we like it or not, the state allocates money to individual schools based on the number of children that attend school each day (the more children that attend regularly, the more money BAM receives).

If your child is 30 minutes late, they are not included in the official school attendance for that day and BAM loses out on money.

Likewise, if your child has an excused absence, they are not included in the official school count.