Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an Arts Magnet?

BAM is no longer an alternative/magnet school and is now one of the 11 elementary schools within the BUSD school zones. Through PTA fundraising, the BAM community has kept a rich arts program alive. Although our school population has increased over the years and we are no longer a magnet school, our philosophy of arts education, multiculturalism, and focus on family atmosphere has not changed. Berkeley Arts Magnet was created with the belief that families make schools successful and that the arts are an integral part of any enriched educational program.


Balanced Beginnings happens the first week of school. Children are assigned a group and will rotate through each classroom, spending time with each teacher. Our teachers get an opportunity to meet each student and then they work hard to create classes that will work and learn well together. The lists of students with permanent teacher assignments will be posted by Friday morning and your student will line up with their new permanent class.

What Should A New Kindergarten Family Expect On The First Morning Of School?

Your child will be met by staff on the Kinder Yard.  The yard opens at 8:55am (no earlier). The teacher for your assigned group will connect with you and help students line up. Please also make sure to let your child’s teacher know where your child goes at the end of the day. Families say their goodbyes on the yard.  Parents are then invited to attend the First Day of School Coffee in the Library.