Student Safety

We hope that no such disaster ever occurs, but it is our goal to be prepared if it does.

How well are we prepared?
Earthquake and fire drills are held regularly so children and staff know how to respond quickly. The school buildings have been retrofitted. BAM is prepared to take care of children overnight, as many parents may not be able to return immediately. Also the school has emergency management systems for the site and staff members who are knowledgeable in these procedures.

Emergency Contact Form
It is important that you accurately complete the information requested on the school’s emergency form. Be sure to include a relative, friend or neighbor to contact in the event that you cannot be reached. Also inform this person that if they are asked to retrieve your children) from school, that they MUST present a valid driver’s license before the children will be released. NOTE: Buses will NOT run in the event of a disaster.

It is the parent’s responsibility to supply overnight provisions of medications to your teachers who will in turn give them to the front office. Be sure to update the medications throughout the year, if necessary.

Talk to your family
Please discuss with your children) your family’s emergency plan. Young children may only need to know that sometimes if a parent cannot come right away that a neighbor or relative will pick them up or take them home. Think through in advance how you will try to reconnect in the event a major disaster disrupts communication and transportation in the Bay Area.

Here are some helpful sites we believe can help us to be prepared: